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Getting There & Away

Hotels in Dàzhài and Tiántóuzhài arrange direct shuttle services from Dàzhài to Guìlín (10am, 1pm and 4pm), and from Guìlín to Dàzhài (8am, 10.30am and 2pm) for their guests. The price is usually ¥50 per person. They also take other passengers if seats are available. Reservations are a must. All hotels in Píng’ān provide a similar service.

For public transport from Guìlín, head to the city's North Bus Station or Qíntán Bus Station. From there, take a bus to Lóngshèng (龙胜; ¥34, two hours, every 30 minutes, 7am to 7pm) and ask to get off at Hépíng (和平). From the road junction (or the ticket office three minutes’ walk away), minibuses trundle between Lóngshèng and the rice terraces, stopping to pick up passengers to Dàzhài (¥10, one hour, every 30 minutes, 7am to 5pm) and Píng’ān (¥10, 30 minutes, every 20 minutes to one hour, 7am to 5pm). Buses go via Èrlóng Bridge (二龙桥; Èrlóng Qiáo). If you have walked from Píng'ān to Dàzhài and want to take the bus back to Píng'ān rather than head to Lóngshèng, you need to take a bus (¥12) first to Èrlóng Bridge, then another bus (¥8) to Píng'ān. The same applies in the other direction.

Guìlín's main bus station also has buses to Dàzhài and Lóngjǐ (Píng’ān; ¥50, three hours, 8.30am, 9am and 2pm). Renting a car from Guìlín to here is about ¥400.

Six buses run daily between Lóngshèng and Píng’ān (¥12, one hour, 7.30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm). Buses (¥10, 1½ hours, 8am to 5pm) also run direct hourly between Lóngshèng and Dàzhài.

To continue to Sānjiāng, catch a bus (¥22, regular) from Lóngshèng bus station. The bus runs scenically along the river to Sānjiāng.