As hiking is a way of life here, bring a day pack and leave your luggage in Guìlín or in the main ticket office. Otherwise villagers will carry your bags for ¥50 apiece; there's a lot of hollering to provide this service.

You can take a number of short walks from each village to the fabulous viewing points, which are all clearly signposted. The three- to four-hour trek between the villages of Dàzhài, via Tiántóuzhài and Píng’ān is also highly recommended. However, get a local to guide you for around ¥100 or ask directions frequently along the way, as there are almost no signposts for this hike (astonishing considering the amount of money spent on new roads), and you will meet numerous sign-less forks in the path. Recent road construction has made it even more confusing (and muddy). To ask 'Is this the way to Píng’ān', show this to a local farmer: '去平安, 怎么走?' For Dàzhài, it's: '去大寨, 怎么走?' They will point the way. The path can be very slippery after rain, so take hiking boots with good grip – you can easily turn an ankle or take a fall.