The Lónghǔ Shān scenic area encompasses 200 sq km, most of which is located along the eastern bank of the Lúxī River. Entrance costs ¥150, but most people buy the combined ticket (¥260), which includes admission to seven sites and a raft ride, as well as transport on miniature trains (at the main entrance to Zhèngyī Temple) and shuttle buses (from Zhèngyī Temple to the Residence of the Celestial Masters). To get the most out of your visit, narrow your sightseeing to two main areas: the Residence of the Celestial Masters and Elephant’s Trunk Hill.

At the main entrance are two small museums, the Taoist Museum, with information in Chinese only, and the Geology Museum, with detailed explanations of Lónghǔ Shān’s formation. The dinosaur-themed 4D-cinema is above the ticket office.