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Getting There & Away

The bus station is located south of the centre and across the river (a ¥15 taxi ride).

Bǎoshān ¥52, three to four hours, eight daily (8am to 4.30pm)

Bǐngzhōngluò ¥85, nine hours, one daily (8.20am)

Fúgòng ¥35, four hours, nine daily (7.20am to 4.20pm)

Gòngshān ¥78, eight hours, eight daily (7am to 1pm)

Kūnmíng ¥190 to ¥251, nine hours, seven daily (8.30am to 7pm)

Téngchōng ¥58, six hours, three daily (8am, 10am and 11am)

Xiàguān ¥88, four to five hours, 10 daily (8am to 7pm)