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Getting There & Away

To cycle or ride a scooter to Liúgōng, take Kangzhan Lu (抗战路) in Yángshuò until the roundabout. Bear left, passing traffic lights and entering the new Shima Lu (石马路). After crossing the bridge, you'll see Aishān Village (矮山村). At the junction, look for signage for Pǔyì (普益). Take the concrete road that heads in that direction. After a curve, continue for another 4km, passing other villages. At a road junction with small shops including a motorcycle repair shop, you'll see signage for Liúgōng Village. Another 5km on a concrete road brings you to a hill close to the roadside and then a rusty sign pointing to the village.

From the village pier, a 90-minute raft ride to Yángshuò generally costs ¥200 per person (¥260 for two).