The Legend of the Carp

The House of Two Lions (双狮门户; Shuāngshī Ménhù) in Liúgōng Cūn, the former home of Yángshuò's richest man, has a bulge over a 1 sq metre area of its living-room floor. According to legend, the bulge is the gill of a carp (a symbol of abundance), and it would protrude every morning then flatten in the afternoon. However, on the advice of an ill-intentioned feng-shui master, the owner removed the soil from under the spot where the bulge was. This killed the carp – whose gill protruded one last time, creating a permanent bulge – and ruined the family.

Mr Li, a descendant, still lives here and he may let you in. It's a 30-second walk down the first alley that leads west away from the river, past Liúgōng Gŭpú Farmer Restaurant. It's the one with wooden doors and steps, just before the concrete building with red lanterns.