Lijiang restaurants

Top Choice Yunnan in Lijiang

Tiāntiān Xiān

Locals flock here for the superb grilled fish and chicken and soy-bean-paste dishes (get here before 7pm or it will have run out). But all the Naxi specialities on offer are fantastic and great value. No English spo…
Yunnan in Lijiang

Āmāyì Nàxī Snacks

The name doesn’t do justice to the small but select and very authentic selection of Naxi cuisine on offer at this calm courtyard restaurant. There are fantastic mushroom dishes, when in season, as well as zhútǒng fà…
Yunnan in Lijiang

Sakura Good Food Square

Snackers should not miss the open-air food market where vendors sell appetising bite-size treats, some of which are native to Lìjiāng. Try the Nàxī kǎo qiézì (纳西烤茄子; Naxi grilled eggplant), served in a boat-shaped c…
Tibetan in Lijiang

Lamu’s House of Tibet

Friendly Lamu has been serving up smiles and hearty Tibetan and international fare for more than a decade. Ascend the little wooden staircase to the 2nd-floor dining area, a great spot for people-watching, and try t…
Yunnan in Lijiang

Tiān Hé Cāntīng

It’s hard to find a neighbourhood-style restaurant in the old town, or one that doesn’t also serve Western food, but this very solid, family-run place hits the spot with a mix of authentic Naxi dishes and Chinese st…
Cafe in Lijiang

Prague Cafe

Something of an oasis in the heart of the old town, with good coffee and tea, solid breakfasts and a selection of Western and Japanese dishes, as well as books to read. It serves alcohol too.
International in Lijiang

N’s Kitchen

Clamber up the steep stairs for one of the best breakfasts in town, a monster burger and fine Yúnnán coffee. It’s a reliable source of travel info too and can arrange bus tickets.