Top things to do in Liaoning

Top Choice Historic Site in Shenyang

Shěnyáng Imperial Palace

This impressive palace complex resembles a small-scale Forbidden City. Constructed between 1625 and 1636 by Manchu emperor Nurhachi (1559–1626) and his son, Huang Taiji, the palace served as the residence of the Qin…
Top Choice Historic Site in Lushun

Lǚshùn Prison

Lǚshùn's best sight is a cluster of restored red-brick buildings that functioned as a prison from 1902 to 1945. It may have changed hands from the Russians to the Japanese, but its purpose remained unchanged: more t…
Top Choice Historic Site in Xingcheng

Xīngchéng Old City

Standing like a miniature of the better-known ancient city of Píngyáo (albeit less polluted or glossy…in a good way), this walled city dates back to 1430 and is the principal reason to visit Xīngchéng.In addition to…
Top Choice Historic Site in Shenyang

North Tomb

One of Shěnyáng's highlights is this extensive tomb complex, the burial place of Huang Taiji (1592–1643), founder of the Qing dynasty. The tomb’s animal statues lead up to the central mound known as the Luminous Tom…
Top Choice Hotpot in Shenyang

Měijīn Hotpot

This popular hotpot chain teems with the energy of dozens of diners chowing down on everything from vegies to meat and noodles. Friendly staff can help explain ingredients on the incredibly diverse English menu.
Park in Liaoning

Bīngyù Valley

If you can’t travel south to Guìlín, Bīngyù Valley offers a taste of what you’re missing. About 250km northeast of Dàlián, the valley has tree-covered limestone cliffs set alongside a river. From the entrance, a boa…
Walls in Dandong

Tiger Mountain Great Wall

About 20km northeast of Dāndōng, this steep, restored stretch of the Wall, known as Tiger Mountain Great Wall, was built during the Ming dynasty and runs parallel to the North Korean border. Unlike other sections of…
Bridge in Dandong

Broken Bridge

In 1950, during the Korean War, American troops ‘accidentally’ bombed the original steel-span bridge between North Korea and China. The North Koreans dismantled the bridge less than halfway across the river, leaving…
Museum in Lushun

Lǚshùn Museum

The history of Liáoníng province is covered in this stylish old museum in two early 20th-century buildings. Among the thousands of artefacts on display are ancient bronzes, coins and paintings, as well as several mu…
Beer in Dalian

Dàlián International Beer Festival

For 12 days every July into August, Dàlián stages its International Beer Festival, resembling Munich’s Oktoberfest. Beer companies from across China and around the world set up tents at the vast Xīnghǎi Sq, near the…