Liaoning restaurants

Top Choice Hotpot in Shenyang

Měijīn Hotpot

This popular hotpot chain teems with the energy of dozens of diners chowing down on everything from vegies to meat and noodles. Friendly staff can help explain ingredients on the incredibly diverse English menu.
Dumplings in Shenyang

Lǎobiān Dumplings

Shěnyáng’s most famous restaurant has been packing in the locals since 1829. It might be resting on its laurels a little, but punters continue to flock here for the boiled, steamed and fried dumplings in an array of…
Vegetarian in Shenyang

View & World Vegetarian Restaurant

Peking duck and meatballs are on the menu here, but there won’t be any actual meat on your plate. Everything is meat-free at this classy nearly vegan paradise, which claims to be the only non-MSG restaurant in all o…
Sichuan in Xingcheng

Sìchuān Málà Noodles

From outside this simple restaurant, you may not realise that there is very good Sìchuān style málà miàn (spicy and numbing noodle soup) on offer. The photo board looks like there are lots of options, but it's just …
Korean in Dalian

Handu Restaurant

In the Sanba Sq area, this fabulous two-storey Korean restaurant decked out in luxe wood and granite fittings lets you barbecue your own meats at the table. There's also a selection of one-dish meals such as bibimba…
North Korean in Dandong

Sōngtāoyuán Fàndiàn

A big part of the experience for many travellers to this region is eating at a North Korean restaurant with reputedly real North Korean waitresses. This locally recommended place sits appropriately enough just a few…
Market in Dalian

Tianjin Jie Night Market

Stretching several blocks along Tianjin Jie from the train station to a giant incense-bowl sculpture, this outdoor market, open during the evenings, offers outdoor venues to eat barbecued seafood and other snacks wi…
Korean in Shenyang

Korea Town

The streets around a pagoda here are filled with neon and Korean restaurants. It's a busy, fun place that can be as much about drinking soju and beer with friends as eating. Some expensive North Korean restaurants f…
Chinese in Dandong

Tóudào Wonton

Locals come to this nothing-fancy place for the good, homemade pork-filled wontons (馄饨; húntún) in soup and lěng miàn (冷面; cold noodle soup with meat and shredded vegetables) from the picture board. There are side d…
Peking Duck in Dalian

Locomotive Guild Roast Duck

We're not sure what locomotives have to do with duck, but the birds here are roasted in a wood-fired oven to delicate crispness before being deftly sliced and presented to your table. Live seafood is also available …