North Korean in Dandong

Sōngtāoyuán Fàndiàn

Known locally as 'North Korean Restaurant', this on-again-off-again enterprise near the Broken Bridge is a surreal dining experience serving up dog meat and typical Korean fare. The waitresses sing folk songs and...

Chinese in Dandong

Toudao Wonton

Locals come to this nothing-fancy place for the good, homemade pork-filled wontons (馄饨, húntún) in soup and lěng miàn (冷面, cold noodle soup with meat and shredded vegetables) from the picture board. There are...

Cafe in Dandong

Coffee Peini

This retro cafe in a handy spot beside a fruit market is popular with students and couples for its geek chic. The drip-filter coffee is really good.