Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Lhasa


This impressive nonprofit enterprise aims to bolster traditional Tibetan handicrafts in the face of rising Chinese and Nepali imports. Products are unique and of high quality, and they are made using traditional tec…
Carpets in Lhasa

Snow Leopard Tibet Traditional Handicrafts

This tiny place sells high-quality carpets and yak-wool blankets – all made from wool sourced in western Tibet – at fixed prices. At around ¥160 per square foot, a 4ft by 6ft carpet costs around US$600. Ask for frie…
Market in Lhasa

Tromsikhang Market

This bazaar-like area in the old town has the widest selection of dried fruit and nuts (imported from Xīnjiāng) and is the place to buy such Tibetan specialities as tsampa (roasted-barley flour), churpi (dried yak c…
Arts & Crafts in Lhasa

Barkhor Supermarket

The souvenir stalls that once clogged the Barkhor circuit were recently shepherded into this new three-storey concrete building with a Tibetan facade. It's quite charmless and there are no antiques here, but there's…
Carpets in Lhasa

Tibet Lhasa Carpet Company

If you are in the market for a handmade Tibetan carpet, head to this showroom opposite the St Regis hotel. Prices are fixed, at around ¥3000 to ¥3600 (US$450 to US$550) for a 1m by 2m carpet. The selection is huge, …
Food in Lhasa

Norling Supermarket

Located near the Muslim quarter, this Tibetan-run Nepali import shop sells everything from muesli and digestive biscuits to Indian spices, sun cream and dried coconut, though at prices higher than in Nepal.
Sports & Outdoors in Lhasa

Outlook Outdoor Equipment

This trekking shop has a dwindling selection of Western-quality sleeping bags (¥350 to ¥600), Gore-Tex jackets, and tents, plus hard-to-find imported knick-knacks such as altimeters, trekking socks and Primus cook s…
Food in Ganden Monastery

Monastery Shop

Sells basic supplies like water and instant noodles.