Le Shan restaurants

Market in Le Shan

Zhanggong Qiao Jie

Zhanggong Qiao Jie's small night market is full of seafood restaurants that pull fish and more straight from tanks in front of the restaurant to throw into the pan. Dishes are priced by weight, so clarify a total co…
Sichuan in Le Shan

Xiàogōngzuǐ Bàbā

One of a cluster of cafe-restaurants with terrace seating on the riverbank, this place is perfect for tea (from ¥15) or fresh coffee (from ¥25) during the day or a riverside beer (from ¥10) come evening. Choose from…
Barbecue in Le Shan

Zhao Family Crispy Duck

Foodies flock to this tiny barbecue stand for its speciality – sweet, crispy roast duck (jīn; ¥22). The draw is the skin, which is best described as duck candy, a miraculously ungreasy bite of heaven. Eat it while i…
Street Food in Le Shan

Baita Jie

Stalls line the riverbank, but to eat like a local head here, where you can try all manner of simmering stews (沙锅; shāguō, from ¥18) or gorge on cool yet spicy bàng bàng chicken (棒棒鸡; bàng bàng jī, from ¥20).