Le Shan attractions

Buddhist Statue in Le Shan

Grand Buddha

Lè Shān’s serene, 1200-year-old Grand Buddha sits in repose, carved from a cliff face overlooking the confluence of three busy rivers: the Dàdù, Mín and Qīngyì. The Buddhist monk Haitong conceived the project in AD …
Buddhist Temple in Le Shan

Wūyóu Temple

Wūyóu Temple, like the Grand Buddha, dates from the Tang dynasty, and has Ming and Qing renovations. This monastery contains calligraphy and artefacts, with the highlights in the Luóhàn Hall – 1000 terracotta arhat …
Museum in Le Shan

Oriental Buddha Capital

This recently constructed park houses thousands of Buddha statues and figurines from around Asia, including a 170m-long reclining Buddha, one of the world’s longest. Don't miss the impressive Ten-Thousand Buddha Cav…
Museum in Le Shan

Máhàoyá Tombs Museum

Contains a modest collection of tombs and burial artefacts dating from the Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25–220), included in the Big Buddha entrance ticket.