Top things to do in Láo Shān

Taoist Temple in Láo Shān

Tàiqīng Palace

Láo Shān’s oldest and grandest temple, Tàiqīng Palace was established by the first Song emperor around AD 960 to perform Taoist rites to protect the souls of the dead. Taoist devotees in blue and white still live he…
Mountain in Láo Shān


This peak – the name literally means 'Huge Mountain' – is Láo Shān's highest point at 1133m above sea level. If you take the cable car part way up the mountain, it's another four hours up steps past temples and a sp…
Mountain in Láo Shān

Yǎngkǒu Scenic Area

You can ascend this scenic area by foot or cable car past wind- and water-carved granite. There’s a 30m scramble in total darkness up a crevice to the top of Looking for Heaven Cave (觅天洞; Mìtiān Dòng) and then upwar…
Canyon in Láo Shān

Běijiǔshuǐ Scenic Area

This canyon area at the north end of the Láo Shān park is mostly flat and takes a couple of hours to traverse. The path winds alongside and across clear, blue streams before reaching Cháoyīn Waterfall.
Waterfall in Láo Shān

Cháoyīn Waterfall

This waterfall roars like an ocean tide in the wet season (in drier months the water falls in pieces, hence its ancient name, Fish Scales Waterfall).