Lanzhou attractions

Museum in Lanzhou

Gānsù Provincial Museum

This museum has an intriguing collection of Silk Road artefacts with English descriptions, including inscribed Han dynasty wooden tablets used to relay messages along the Silk Road, and dinosaur skeletons.The gracef…
Buddhist Site in Lanzhou

White Pagoda Temple

This temple, built during the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368) for a fallen Tibetan monk, stands on a hilltop in White Pagoda Park (白塔山公园; Báitǎ Shān Gōngyuán) on the northern bank of the Yellow River and provides excellent…
Historic Site in Lanzhou

Water Wheel Park

Lánzhōu is the only city centre that the Yellow River flows through and these massive wooden copies of irrigation devices give a taste of what once lined the banks. They have been turned into a pleasant, if small, r…
Bridge in Lanzhou

Zhōngshān Bridge

Okay, so it's not the world's most beautiful bridge, but it's a Lánzhōu landmark and, when backlit by White Pagoda Temple each evening, the Yellow River never looked better.
Taoist Temple in Lanzhou

White Cloud Temple

Founded in the 8th century, this largely rebuilt Taoist temple features five halls and was among the most important Quanzhen-order temples during the Qing dynasty.