Top things to do in Langzhong

Temple in Langzhong

Zhang Fei Temple

This temple is the tomb of local boy Zhang Fei, a respected general during the kingdom of Shu and hero of the Three Kingdoms epics, who administered the kingdom from here until his murder in the year 221. It’s on Xi…
Historic Building in Langzhong

Imperial Examination Hall

The best-preserved Qing-era imperial examination hall in China, with a number of in-character actors on hand to pose for photographs. On Xuedao Jie (学道街), which is parallel to Wumiao Jie, one block north.
Noodles in Langzhong

Zhēng Zīwèi

This friendly noodle joint is run by Grace, an English teacher and zither (箏; zhēng) player, and her cook husband. No English menu, but Grace can make suggestions. If she’s teaching or performing when you visit, go …
Mountain in Langzhong

Jǐnpíng Park

Considered an essential element of the feng shui balance of ancient Lángzhōng and holy to Taoists, Jǐnpíng is dotted with pavilions, temples and caves. To get here, catch a ferry (¥3, from 8am to 6pm) across the riv…
Tower in Langzhong

Jǐnpíng Gate

Originally constructed in 1371 and renovated in 1767, the current version of Jǐnpíng Gate is a 2010 rebuild. Join art students sketching from the top in admiring the old town's slate rooftops from the concrete stair…
Theatre in Langzhong

North Sìchuān Shadow Puppetry

A fifth-generation family of puppeteers put on fun, informal 20-minute performances of north Sìchuān shadow puppetry in a tiny open-air courtyard. Shows are performed for audiences of two or more. It’s a couple of d…
Historic Building in Langzhong

Feudal Government Office

Dioramas inside this recreation of a Shu-era government office depict scenes of legal hearings, officials' lives and feudal-era prisons alongside captions (in limited English) describing the workings of the era's bu…
Sichuan in Langzhong

Chuānbĕi Liángfĕn

Outside the central old town just before the Fēng Shuǐ Museum, this busy restaurant is best known for the namesake bean-starch noodles, but the wide selection of Sìchuān-style favourites are all good.
Tower in Langzhong

Huáguāng Tower

Peer out across the rooftops of old town Lángzhōng and beyond the river to Jǐnpíng Hill from the top of Huáguāng Lóu, rebuilt in 1867. The tower is downhill past the Fēng Shuǐ Museum.
Tower in Langzhong

Zhōngtiān Tower

For bird’s-eye views of the city’s rooftops and lanes, climb to the top of Zhōngtiān Lóu, a 2006 rebuild on the way to Zhang Fei Temple in the centre of the old town.