Tibetan in Lángmùsì

Black Tent Cafe

Friendly service, a Tibetan-style interior, rooftop seating, proper coffee (from ¥25), and a good menu offering numerous Western and some Tibetan dishes are some of the highlights of this 2nd-floor cafe run by the f…
Yunnan in Lángmùsì

Happy Homemade Yunnan Taste

The Yunnanese folk at this family-run restaurant are infectiously happy. Sample the strong home-made báijiǔ (Chinese spirit) and you might be too. Popular with travellers for the guòqiáo mǐxiàn (Yunnanese hot pot) a…
Dumpling in Lángmùsì

Hangzhou Dumplings

This friendly family-run restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese dishes and top-quality dumplings. There is an English menu, but note that many of the prices are out of date so you'll need to compare to the regula…