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Getting There & Away

There’s one daily bus to Zöigě (Ruò’ěrgài; ¥25, 2½ hours) at 7am, which arrives with time to connect with the bus to Sōngpān. There are two to three daily buses to Hézuò (¥50, three hours), departing at 6.30am (summer only), 7.20am and noon. Take the only direct bus to Xiàhé (¥72, 3½ hours) at 2pm, or change in Hézuò for frequent buses to Xiàhé and Lánzhōu.

Guesthouses may be able to coordinate a seat to Chuānzhǔsì or Jiǔzhàigōu on the bus that passes by on the main highway at around 2.20pm, otherwise you'll have to change in Hézuò.

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