Top Choice Yunnan in Kūnmíng

Yíng Jiāng Dǎi Wèi Yuán

Popular with the locals, this bustling restaurant offers an authentic taste of the delicious, sour and spicy cuisine of the Dai minority from Xīshuāngbǎnnà in the deep south of Yúnnán, including such delicacies as b…
Supermarket in Kūnmíng

Carrefour Supermarket

French-owned supermarket with a wide range of domestic and foreign food and products.
Yunnan in Kūnmíng

Hóng Dòu Yuán

An old-school Chinese eatery, with a duck-your-head stairway, this is a real locals’ hangout on cosmopolitan Wenlin Jie. The food is excellent and will draw you back. Try regional specialities such as the táozá rǔbǐ…
Yunnan in Kūnmíng

1910 La Gare du Sud

Offering good value Yúnnán specialities in a pleasant neo-colonial–style atmosphere, this place is a fave with both expats – it’s the kind of place foreign students take their parents when they come to visit – and c…
Western in Kūnmíng


Always busy with travellers and foreign students, Salvador’s is now a Kūnmíng staple. With a Mexican/Mediterranean food theme, as well as solid breakfasts, good coffee and a decent range of teas, it caters for all h…
Western in Kūnmíng

As You Like

Cute cubbyhole cafe/restaurant that's all vegetarian. They make excellent pizza, salads and sandwiches, all from local organic produce, as well as fine smoothies and have a good range of Chinese teas. To find it, wa…
Western in Kūnmíng

Brooklyn Pizzeria

A big selection of stone-oven pizzas, as well as excellent New York–style grinder and Philly cheese steak sandwiches, are on offer here, plus lots of foreign beers. It's just northwest of the centre of town, in a ra…
Yunnan in Kūnmíng

Tǔ Shēngshí Guǎn

Located on the ground-floor of a converted warehouse a couple of kilometres northwest of the city centre, this family-run place uses strictly organic ingredients for its selection of favourite local dishes. The vegg…
Western in Kūnmíng


Despite the giant vats in which their own beer brews, this place is much more of a restaurant than a bar. The western food – pizzas, ribs, burgers, steaks – is served up from an open kitchen in an industrial-chic se…
Western in Kūnmíng

The Park Bar & Grill

With an enviable setting slap in the middle of Green Lake Park, this new place is drawing in both expats and flush locals. Solid menu of well-cooked Western dishes, as well as a few Mexican favourites, and a good se…