Top things to do in Karakoram Highway

Lake in Karakoram Highway

Bulungkol Lake

This absolute wonder of nature is the first of the big plate-glass lakes you meet as you head up to Tashkurgan on the Karakoram Hwy. Backed by sublime sand mountains and often without a single ripple in its waters, …
Lake in Karakoram Highway

Karakul Lake

This extraordinarily beautiful lake sits below the soaring snowcapped peak of Mt Muztaghata (7509m) and has a couple of small Kyrgyz settlements along its western shore. Famed for its perfect plate-glass reflections…
Fort in Karakoram Highway

Tashkurgan Fort

The 1400-year-old stone (tash) fortifications (kurgan) of this fort give the town of Tashkurgan on the Karakorum Hwy its name. The ruins were one of the filming locations for the movie The Kite Runner. The boggy val…
Tomb in Karakoram Highway

Tomb of Mahmud Kashgari

Mahmud Kashgari was a beloved local 11th-century scholar, traveller and writer. His renovated tomb, about 2.5km from the market on the edge of Upal Hill in Upal (Wùpà’ěr in Chinese) is a potential side excursion on …
Museum in Karakoram Highway

Folk Culture Centre

A small museum of marginal interest in the town of Tashkurgan on the Karakorum Hwy.