Kangding attractions

Mountain in Kangding

Guōdá Shān

Guōdá Shān looms large at the northern end of town and takes a full day to climb up and down. From the peak (1500m) you can take in the breathtaking glaciers to the south.
Museum in Kangding

Gānzī Prefecture Tibetan Cultural Heritage Museum

By the Pǎomǎ Shān cable-car entrance, this bēng-kē-style (崩柯) structure (three-storey structures with split-log and packed-earth walls) houses exhibits surveying the Kham's rich heritage from the garb of regional tr…
Buddhist Temple in Kangding

Nánwú Sì

This temple belongs to the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is the most active monastery in the area. Walk south along the main road, cross the river and keep going for about 200m until you see a sm…
Mountain in Kangding

Gònggā Shān

The trailhead for the five-day pilgrims’ circuit of holy Gònggā Shān (7556m) is a half-hour drive from Kāngdìng. Many hostel staff can advise you on how to approach the trek, and rent out camping equipment. We recom…
Buddhist Temple in Kangding

Guānyīn Sì

Looming over Kāngdìng on the lower slopes of Pǎomǎ Shān, above the three main halls of the temple is a path that leads on to several pagodas and another remote prayer hall. Continue following the same path to reach …
Buddhist Temple in Kangding

Jīngāng Sì

About 100m past Nánwú Sì along the main road is this 400-year-old Nyingma (Red Hat sect) monastery. The temple was undergoing major renovations at the time of research, but the main hall and some others were still a…
Mountain in Kangding

Jiǔlián Shān

With no concrete steps and free of charge, a two-hour climb up this natural hill brings you to a small grassland plateau (perfect for picnics) beyond which horses and yaks graze. Access it behind Zhilam Hostel, whic…
Mountain in Kangding

Pǎomǎ Shān

Pǎomǎ Shān is the famed mountain of the 'Kāngdìng Qíng Gē' ('Kangding Love Song'), one of China's most enduring folk songs, and will appeal the most to those who are familiar with the ditty. It's an easy ascent on f…
Buddhist Temple in Kangding

Pǎomǎ Sì

This small monastery is halfway up Pǎomǎ Shān. An admission ticket to the Pǎomǎ Shān scenic area is required to visit.
Buddhist Temple in Kangding

Ānjué Sì

This central temple's two small halls built around a colourful central courtyard were rebuilt recently but have roots dating back to 1652.