Kaiping restaurants

Chinese in Kaiping

Zhōnghuá Dōnglù

A short walk east of central Chìkǎn are over half a dozen stalls serving Kāipíng's speciality bāozifàn (包子饭): rice and meat or eel cooked directly in individual claypots, making for a distinctive crispy rice skin in…
Chinese in Kaiping

Cháojiāngchūn Restaurant

This excellent restaurant serves the local speciality – braised wild-grown goose (狗仔鹅; gǒuzǎi é). The steamed tofu with shredded taro and ground pork (肉碎芋丝蒸豆腐; ròusuì yùsī zhēng dòufu) and salt-baked chicken (手撕鸡; s…