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Zìlì, 11km west of Kāipíng, has the largest collection of diāolóu historic watchtowers in the area, though only a few of the 15 are open to the public. The most stunning is Míngshí Lóu (铭石楼), which has a verandah wi…
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Lì Garden

About 15 minutes by taxi from Kāipíng, Lì Garden has a fortified mansion built in 1936 by a wealthy Chinese American. The interiors featuring Italianate motifs and the gardens, with their artificial canals, footbrid…
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Jǐnjiānglǐ Historic Village

The highlights in this village, 20km south of Kāipíng, are the privately run Ruìshí Lóu and Shēngfēng Lóu (升峰楼). The former (c 1923) is Kāipíng’s tallest diāolóu and comprises nine storeys, topped off with a Byzanti…
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The charming old town of Chìkǎn, 10km southwest of Kāipíng, has streets of shophouses with arcades on the ground floor flanking the Tánjiāng River (潭江). These distinctive qílóu (骑楼) buildings were built by overseas …
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Ruìshí Lóu

One of the most marvellous of the towers around Kāipíng is located behind Jǐnjiānglǐ village (锦江里), 20km south of Kāipíng. Built in 1923, the privately owned tower has nine storeys with a Byzantine-style roof and Ro…
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Nánxìng Xié Lóu

In Nánxìng village, Nánxìng Xié Lóu was built in 1903 and tilts severely to one side, with its central axis over 2m off-centre.
Historic Site in Kaiping

Fēngcǎi Hall

Not a typical ancestral hall, this compound built in 1906 retains an exquisite southern Chinese architectural style, but with Western elements eccentrically blended. The complex is hidden inside a school 1.5km south…