Kǎilǐ restaurants

Chinese in Kǎilǐ

Liànghuānzhài Fish Soup Restaurant

The pick of the local sour soup venues gets the nod due to the high turnover of customers, the bubbly service and the sharp, tangy flavour. Take control of the chilli before someone else does! It's 2km west of the c…
Noodles in Kǎilǐ

Lǐxiǎng Miànshídiàn

This friendly eatery with blue plastic furniture serves simple dishes – such as spare ribs soup (¥7) – as well as tasty noodles. It's handy for a morning meal or coffee prior to village-hopping.
Market in Kǎilǐ

Night Market

Bustling night market with a wide range of shāokǎo (barbecue) places, as well as noodles and dumplings.