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For departures from Guìyáng Lóngdòngbǎo International Airport, airport buses (¥70, 2½ hours, 7am to 6pm) leave every 30 minutes from the airport office, where you can also check-in before your flight. You can also buy air tickets here.


Kǎilǐ's long-distance bus station has departures to most destinations.

Cóngjiāng ¥110, five hours, five daily (9am to 4pm)

Guìyáng ¥60, three hours, every 20 minutes (7am to 8pm)

Jǐnpíng (锦屏; for Lónglǐ) ¥91, four hours, 10 daily (8am to 4pm)

Léishān ¥14, 50 minutes, every 25 minutes (7.25am to 7pm)

Lípíng ¥137, five hours, eight daily (7.40am to 4.30pm)

Májiāng ¥17, one hour, hourly (8.20am to 5.50pm)

Róngjiāng ¥77 to ¥90, 4½ hours, every 40 minutes (7.20am to 6.20pm)

Xījiāng ¥15.50, 80 minutes, hourly (8.40am to 5.40pm)

Zhènyuǎn ¥35, two hours, six daily (8.30am to 4pm)

For Chóng’ān (¥13, one hour, every 20 minutes, 6.40am to 6pm) and Huángpíng (¥20, one hour, every 20 minutes, 6.40am to 6pm) head to the Miáo Dū Bus Station (苗都客运站; Miáo Dū Kèyùnzhàn) on Huangcheng Beilu.


The Kǎilǐ high-speed railway opened in late 2015, significantly reducing the journey to Guìyáng (¥59, 45 minutes), Shànghǎi (¥694, eight hours) and Kūnmíng (¥315, eight to 10 hours).

Kǎilǐ’s train station is a couple of kilometres north of town. Regular trains run to Guìyáng (¥28, two to three hours), Zhènyuǎn (¥14, 1½ hours) and Huáihuà (¥21 to ¥42, four hours). A handy train ticket office is on Wenhua Beilu.