Bank in Kǎilǐ

Bank of China

This main branch has all services and an ATM. A second branch on Beijing Donglu will also change cash. Many other ATMs around town accept foreign cards.
Travel Agency in Kǎilǐ

China International Travel Service

Tucked just behind Yingpan Donglu, CITS has the most up-to-date information on minority villages, festivals, markets and organised tours. Staff are helpful, with some English spoken.
Internet in Kǎilǐ

Bóyǔ Internet Cafe

One of a number of internet cafes on Wenhua Beilu. The staff here will normally log you in on one of their ID cards.
Ticket Office in Kǎilǐ

Airport Office

You can buy air tickets here. Buses to Guìyáng's airports depart from here, too.
Internet in Kǎilǐ

Internet Cafe

On the 2nd floor, with 400 computers and comfy chairs.
Police in Kǎilǐ

Public Security Bureau

Deals with all passport and visa enquiries.
Hospital in Kǎilǐ

Kǎilǐ People’s Hospital

The best place in town for medical care.
Bank in Kǎilǐ

Bank of China

Has an ATM. Can also change money.
Ticket Office in Kǎilǐ

Train Ticket Office

Sells train tickets.
Post in Kǎilǐ

Post Office