Xīsī Square Night Market

Street Food in Kāifēng

Join the scrum weaving between stalls busy with red-faced popcorn sellers and hollering Hui Muslim chefs cooking up kebabs and náng bread. There are loads of vendors, selling cured meats, hearty jiānbǐng guǒzi (煎饼裹子; pancake with chopped onions), sweet potatoes, roast rabbit, xiǎolóngbāo (Shànghǎi-style dumplings), peanut cake (花生糕, huāshēng gāo) and cups of sugarcane juice.

Look for yángròu kàngmó (羊肉炕馍; lamb in a parcel of bread), a local Kāifēng Muslim speciality, and for noodle vendors who pull and twist fresh níuròu lāmiàn (牛肉拉面; noodles in beef broth). Take bus 24 to get here.