Kaifeng restaurants

Street Food in Kaifeng

Xīsī Square Night Market

Join the scrum weaving between stalls busy with red-faced popcorn sellers and hollering Hui Muslim chefs cooking up kebabs and náng bread. There are loads of vendors, selling cured meats, hearty jiānbǐng guǒzi (煎饼裹子…
Vegetarian in Kaifeng

Vegetarian Restaurant

Looking out onto the grounds of the Temple of the Chief Minister, the outdoor tables at this small Buddhist dining hall offer the city's most atmospheric setting. Sample vegetarian classics such as braised spare rib…
Food Hall in Kaifeng

Bǎiqíyuán Food Court

This tempting food court offers plenty of easy-to-order meals, with noodles, dumplings, fried rice, soups and personal stir-fries to choose from. Pre-pay at the entrance (¥10 deposit), take your card and enjoy!
Street Food in Kaifeng

Gǔlóu Night Market

Kāifēng’s bustling night market wraps around the Drum Tower, sprawling in various directions, and serves the usual run of point-and-grill kebabs and steamers of soup dumplings. It's always crowded with locals out en…