Top things to do

Museum in Jīngzhōu

Jīngzhōu Museum

Next to Kāiyuán Temple is a small, yet architecturally superb museum surrounded by water. Here you'll find wonderful artefacts unearthed from Chu tombs around the area. The jade and porcelain halls are marvellous, a…
Archaeological Site in Jīngzhōu

Xióngjiā Zhǒng

Forty kilometres north of Jīngzhōu, the 2300-year-old tombs of Xióngjiā Zhǒng are the source of a large collection of jade – on display at the Jīngzhōu Museum – while there is a fascinating and huge collection of sk…
Historic Site in Jīngzhōu

City Wall

Jīngzhōu’s original city wall was a tamped mud wall dating from the Eastern Han dynasty, later clad in stone during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. The oldest surviving sections today, around South Gate (南门; Ná…
Hubei in Jīngzhōu

Bàyú Rénjiā

Great location by the moat, outside New East Gate. Grab a table overlooking the city wall and moat and tuck into the restaurant speciality, gānguō (干锅), an iron pot of spicy delights, kept bubbling hot with a small …
Chinese in Jīngzhōu

Grandma's Home

This new restaurant chain has taken off in China, and while we don't necessarily advocate seeking out the easy-to-find, Jīngzhōu's modest dining scene means delicious, freshly prepared hotpots and stir-fries warrant…
Vegan in Jīngzhōu

Liánxīn Sùcàiguǎn

Wholesome vegan food is served, buffet-style, at this friendly Buddhist restaurant next to Zhanghua Temple. Mock-meat dishes are overshadowed by the many bright, green vegetable dishes infused with chilli, garlic an…
Taoist Site in Jīngzhōu

Kāiyuán Temple

Explore the fascinating empty Taoist remains attached to the Jīngzhōu Museum.
Buddhist Site in Jīngzhōu

Tiěnǚ Temple

Located in the north of town, off Jingbei Lu, the name of this intriguing temple translates as the Iron Girl Temple.
Confucian Site in Jīngzhōu

Confucian Temple

Now part of Shíyàn Zhōngxué (Experimental Middle School), it's a short walk east of the Jīngzhōu Museum. Smile sweetly and you'll be let in.
Taoist Site in Jīngzhōu

Xuánmiào Temple

This Taoist temple, just north of New North Gate (新北门; Xīnběimén), literally translates as the ‘Temple of Mystery’.