Bàyú Rénjiā

Hubei in Jingzhou

Great location by the moat, outside New East Gate. Grab a table overlooking the city wall and moat and tuck into the restaurant speciality, gānguō (干锅), an iron pot of spicy delights, kept bubbling hot with a small candle burner. Varieties include chicken (干锅仔鸡; gānguō zǐjī; ¥38), bullfrog (干锅牛蛙; gānguō niúwā; ¥48) and tofu (干锅千叶豆腐; gānguō qiānyè dòufu; ¥32).

One pot is enough for two or three people with rice (米饭; mǐfàn), which is free. Exit New East Gate, cross the moat and the restaurant is on your right.