Jingzhou restaurants

Hubei in Jingzhou

Bàyú Rénjiā

Great location by the moat, outside New East Gate. Grab a table overlooking the city wall and moat and tuck into the restaurant speciality, gānguō (干锅), an iron pot of spicy delights, kept bubbling hot with a small …
Chinese in Jingzhou

Grandma's Home

This new restaurant chain has taken off in China, and while we don't necessarily advocate seeking out the easy-to-find, Jīngzhōu's modest dining scene means delicious, freshly prepared hotpots and stir-fries warrant…
Vegan in Jingzhou

Liánxīn Sùcàiguǎn

Wholesome vegan food is served, buffet-style, at this friendly Buddhist restaurant next to Zhanghua Temple. Mock-meat dishes are overshadowed by the many bright, green vegetable dishes infused with chilli, garlic an…