In the summer, the low season, prepare yourself for searing heat and a sapping humidity that puts the entire city into extended slow motion. If you’ve acclimatised to higher and nippier elevations in Yunnan, you’ll probably find yourself needing lots of midday naps. During the winter months, though, the temperature is just perfect.

Dangers & Annoyances

Very occasionally, we get reports from travellers who have been drugged and then robbed on the Kunming–Jinghong bus trip. Be friendly but aware, accept nothing from strangers, and never leave your stuff unattended when you hop off for a break.

Embassies & Consulates

Laos Consulate You can get a Laos visa here, but it's easier and no more expensive to get one at the border. The consulate is on the east bank of the river on the 2nd floor of an office park. A taxi from the centre of town will cost ¥15 to ¥20.


Bank of China Changes travellers cheques and foreign currency, and has an ATM machine. There are others on Minhang Lu and Galan Zhonglu, including this branch.