Villages Around Jǐnghóng

Surrounding Jǐnghóng are endless minority villages with markets galore and many possibilities for treks. Ask at the backpacker cafes in Jǐnghóng for the best current routes. A few villages have basic guesthouses where you can find a room for ¥60. Otherwise, you can find a bed with a local family. Expect to pay around ¥50 for a bed and a meal. There are very few formal restaurants in the villages, although there's often great shāokǎo (barbecue) on offer. If you're staying with a family, you'll eat with them.

You're reliant on buses (often combinations of them) to get to the outlying villages around Jǐnghóng. The No 2 Bus Station in Jǐnghóng, also known as the Bǎnnà Bus Station, is the place to start, as all buses to local destinations depart from there.