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Private Tour to make your Ding Ware in an ancient town

When you are fond of or interested in ware and china, one-day tour of Ding Ware is definitely your best option. Dine Ware, as one of the Five  official kilns, was initiated in the Tang Dynasty, blossomed in the Northern Song period and withered in the Yuan Dynasty. We will bring you the cradle of Ding Ware - Quyang city,Hebei province, where you will not only visit the historic site of Ding Kiln but also try your hands on making your own ware
10 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours


Shanghai, regarded as the Oriental Paris, is the best place to see East-meets-West Culture. Walking in the traditional Chinese garden - Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar, wandering along the charming exhibition of international architecture at the Bund...you will find a splendid combination of East and West, as well as tradition and modern.
8 hours
Private & Custom Tours

3 Days Wuyuan Scenic Area Private Tour from Shanghai by Train

If you have ever wondered how rural China looks like, this is the perfect trip for you. Visit some of the most picturesque small towns in the country, with beautiful landscapes and views of nature. Get to know one of the best kept secrets in Chinese culture: porcelain; by visiting the nature-surrounded museum of Jingdezhen.
3 days