Bus in Jǐ'nán

Yùquán Simpson Hotel

Airport shuttles connect the Yùquán Simpson Hotel with Jǐ’nán’s Yáoqiáng airport.
Train Tickets in Jǐ'nán

Jǐ’nán Railway Hotel

Lines at the station’s ticket office can be slow. Book tickets in the lobby of the Jǐ’nán Railway Hotel, immediately east of the train station.
Bus Station in Jǐ'nán

Main Long-Distance Bus Station

Buses depart most frequently from Jǐ’nán’s long-distance central bus station, about 3km north of the train station.
Tickets in Jǐ'nán

Air & Railway Ticket Office

Book tickets here for a ¥5 commission on the 1st floor of the Quánchéng Hotel, south of the train station.
Airport in Jǐ'nán

Yáoqiáng Airport

Shuttle in Jǐ'nán

Airport Shuttle

Bus Station in Jǐ'nán

Bus Station

Shuttle in Jǐ'nán

Airport Shuttle

Train Station in Jǐ'nán

Jǐnán West Train Station