Ji'nan restaurants

Shandong in Ji'nan

Lǔxī’nán Flavor Restaurant

Just inside Dàguān Gardens’ north gate, this is the place for a refined take on Lǔ (Shāndōng) cuisine. Order the down-home classics like sweet and spicy cabbage with glass noodles (¥22) and lamb (braised or sautéed,…
Cantonese in Ji'nan

Seasons Mínghú

It may be a chain, but this is an elegant choice on the top of the Parc66 Mall, where dandy waiters don gloves while serving southern Chinese classics, including dim sum, salt-baked chicken and durian cakes.
Street Food in Ji'nan

Yǐnhǔchí Jie

Evenings are smoky on Yǐnhǔchí Jie in the Hui district near the Great Southern Mosque. Hawkers fan the flames of charcoal grills lining the street, roasting up all manner of shāokǎo (barbecue on a stick). They make …
Street Food in Ji'nan

Dàguān Gardens

This dandified enclave of modern eateries down an alleyway (Wei Erlu; 纬二路) is a messy strip of noodle joints, shāokǎo stands, lamb soup carts and cheap beer that buzzes until late.