Top things to do in Jimingyi

Taoist Temple in Jimingyi

Tàishān Temple

This temple is dedicated to Bixia, the goddess of Tài Shān. The paintings here, Jīmíngyì's largest collection of Ming murals, depict the life of the goddess. They were whitewashed – some say for protection – during …
Buddhist Temple in Jimingyi

Temple of Eternal Tranquility

The largest and oldest temple in the area sits atop Cock's Crow Mountain (鸡鸣山; Jīmíng Shān), which overlooks the town to the northwest. It's still an active monastery and a large and lively festival is held here dur…
Taoist Temple in Jimingyi

God of Wealth Temple

Pop into this tiny edifice to pray for fabulous riches or to check out the fabulous Ming mural, uncovered in 2012. It depicts an ancient bank (票号; piàohào); if you look closely you'll also see five foreigners and a …
Historic Site in Jimingyi

Jīmíngyì City Walls

Ascend the East Gate or West Gate and circle the walls for fine views of the town, the surrounding fields and Cock's Crow Mountain (鸡鸣山; Jīmíng Shān), standing to the northwest.
Museum in Jimingyi

Jīmíngyì Museum

Opened in 2015, this tiny museum near the East Gate contains a few photos, artefacts and the like. There's little English signage, though it's worth a peek. Admission is included with entry to the town.
Confucian Temple in Jimingyi

Temple of the God of Literature

This simple Ming dynasty temple is dedicated to the god of literature, whom scholars called upon to help with the imperial exams. Like many Confucian temples, it also served as the local school.