Best restaurants in Jilin

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    Dong Teng

    Climb the rickety wooden staircase to this Communist-themed, folk restaurant where the Dongbei beer and food flow freely courtesy of waitresses in Red-Guard regalia. The low-lit, private, nonsmoking rooms feel like dens for hosting counter-surveillance meetings. There's even a spicy fish dish named 'Cultural Revolution' (文化大革命, Wénhuà Dàgémìng), but otherwise expect the more proletarian northern Chinese fare.

  • Restaurants in Yanji

    Rotti Bunn

    Yanji is home to many Korean cafes that seem to open and close like DIY blogs, but Rotti Bunn has made it through the early years thanks to its well-designed communal spaces, mezzanines and closed-off rooms, which make for a comfy place to spend hours writing postcards, social-media posts or memoirs on the free-use Macs or wi-fi.

  • Restaurants in Yanji

    Quánzhōu Bànfàn Guǎn

    A large, restaurant well regarded for its excellent options – mainly jiàngtāng (酱汤; a bubbling pot of pork and potatoes in a miso broth) or bànfàn (拌饭, bibimbap; rice, vegetables and eggs served in a clay pot). Sit at tables or on a heated-floor booth, with good service either way. Off Renmin Lu, west riverside. Picture menu.

  • Restaurants in Changchun

    Sānyú Zhúyuàn

    At this upmarket chain, the decoration starts with the lovely faux-antique interior and continues with fistfuls of chilli adorning every platter – meat, seafood, even frog. In true Sichuan style, mildly spicy can translate to very spicy. The picture English menu also contains lots of veggie and nonspicy options.

  • Restaurants in Yanji

    San Qian Li Cold Noodles

    One of the best places to slurp down a Yanji Korean speciality, lěng miàn (冷面; cold noodles). Order and almost immediately a large bowl of chewy bean thread noodles is served in a cold beef broth that is addictively savoury and sweet with a fresh topping of shredded cucumber and cabbage.

  • Restaurants in Changchun


    You can slurp down your moreish noodles hot or cold, dry or in soup, with meat or without, and with side dishes that include broccoli or Chinese spinach at this fast-food styled, 2nd-floor eatery overlooking busy Tongzhi Jie. Picture menu; ask the waitress to help write your order on the cards.