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Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Changchun

LR Lounge Bar

If you can find Chángchūn's best speakeasy, you'll be rewarded with impeccable cocktails mixed by bow-tied bartenders, friendly locals propping up the intimate wooden bar, and some of the funkiest decor in the city.…
Bar in Changchun

Time Bar

The best feature of this two-storey music pub is its leafy patio seating on the intersection of Xikang Lu and Mudan Jie. Order a beer, squint, and you could almost be in Shànghǎi's French Concession. Inside, large t…
Bar in Yanji

Nàjiā Coffee

A trendy cafe with a smoky bar side. Nàjiā is an impressive, large space with huge curved windows and a mezzanine, great for watching the well-dressed sip imported beers, or the blinking of traffic and neon outside.