Top things to do in Jiayuguan

Top Choice Fort in Jiayuguan

Jiāyùguān Fort

One of the classic images of western China, this fort once guarded the narrow pass between the snowcapped Qílián Shān peaks and the Hēi Shān (Black Mountains) of the Mǎzōng Shān range.Built in 1372, it was named the…
Historic Site in Jiayuguan

Overhanging Great Wall

Running north from Jiāyùguān Fort, this section of the Great Wall is believed to have been first constructed in 1539, though it was reconstructed in 1987. It’s quite an energetic hike up the equivalent of 55 flights…
Tomb in Jiayuguan

Wèijìn Tombs

These tombs date from approximately AD 220–420 (the Wei and Western Jin periods) and contain extraordinarily fresh brick wall paintings (some ineptly retouched) depicting scenes of everyday life, from making tea to …
Museum in Jiayuguan

Jiāyùguān Museum of the Great Wall

Located inside Jiāyùguān Fort, this excellent museum contains photos, artefacts, maps, Silk Road exhibits and models to show just how the fort and the Great Wall of China influenced the history of the Héxī Corridor …
Historic Site in Jiayuguan

First Beacon Platform of the Great Wall

Atop a 56m-high cliff overlooking the Tǎolài River south of Jiāyùguān, a crumbling pile of packed earth is all that remains of this beacon platform, believed to be the first signalling tower along the western front …
Sichuan in Jiayuguan

Yuànzhōngyuàn Restaurant

Directly across from the bus station on the far side of a small park is this pleasant Sìchuān restaurant. Try its gōngbǎo jīdīng (宫保鸡丁; spicy chicken and peanuts), tiěbǎn dòufu (铁板豆腐; fried tofu) or a yúxiāng ròusī …
Market in Jiayuguan

Jìngtiě Market

At this busy market load up on lamb kebabs, ròujiāmó (肉夹馍; pork sandwiches), beef noodles, roast duck and more. There are a handful of small restaurants on the north side of the market that offer sit-down meals.
Market in Jiayuguan

Fùqiáng Market

For a fast, hot meal in the evenings, especially barbecued lamb washed down with beer, try the food stalls at this market, north of the Xinhua Lu traffic circle.