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Getting There & Away

Jiànshuǐ has a couple of bus stations. The main one is 3km north of Cháoyáng Gate. For very local destinations, you need to head to the Hóng Yùn bus station (红运客运站, Hóng Yùn Kèyùnzhàn) a few minutes’ walk west of the corner of Chaoyang Beilu and Beizheng Jie. A taxi from the main bus station to the old town is ¥7.

From the main station, there are buses continually leaving for Nánshà in Yuányáng (¥31, every 20 minutes, two to three hours, 6.30am to 6.40pm). For Xīnjiē and the rice terraces, there is one daily bus (¥43, three hours, 11.34am).

Frequent buses head to Kūnmíng (¥81, every 25 minutes, three to four hours, 7am to 9.30pm). There are two buses daily to Hékǒu (¥65, five hours, 7.26am and 8.10am). Buses to Jǐnghóng (¥225, eight to nine hours) depart at 1pm and 4pm.