Jianshui in detail

Flights & getting there


The main Jianshui bus station is 2km north of Chaoyang Gate. Buses to Swallow's Cavern depart hourly from 7am (¥11, one hour), with the last returning from the caves at 7pm.

Hekou ¥65 to ¥77, five hours, four daily, 7.26am to 10.57am

Jinghong ¥225, eight to ten hours, two daily, 1pm & 4pm

Kunming ¥81, three to four hours, 24 daily, 7am to 7.35pm

Nansha ¥31, two to three hours, 12 daily, 7.15am to 6.40pm

Xinjie ¥43, three hours, 11.34am

For local destinations, including the Twin Dragon Bridge, head to Hongyun Bus Station (红运客运站, Hóngyùn Kèyùnzhàn), just north of the old town's north gate at the corner of Chaoyang Beilu and Beizheng Jie.


Six daily departures connect Jianshui's train station to Kunming (1st/2nd class ¥59/95, two to three hours, 8.50am to 8.01pm); in the opposite direction three daily trains link the city to Hekou (hard/soft seat ¥30/47, two to three hours, 2.24pm to 6.26pm).