Cable Car in Sānqīng Shān

Sānqing Shān Cable Car

A cable car leaves from Sānqing Shān's eastern- and southern-section trailheads. The eastern-section cable-car ride is more spectacular, but leaves you further from the West Coast Trail; if you’re walking, the south…
Bus in Nánchāng

Shuttle Bus for West Train Station

Shuttle Bus for West Train Station. Walk out of the station and turn left. It's 150m away.
Bus Station in Nánchāng

Xúfāng Bus Station

It's 1km south of Nánchāng Train Station.
Bus Station in Jǐngdézhèn

Lǐcūn Bus Station

For buses from Jǐngdézhèn to Yáolǐ Village.
Bus Station in Jǐngdézhèn

Xīkè Zhàn Bus Station

Jǐngdézhèn's main bus station.
Bus Stop in Jǐngdézhèn

Lǐcūn Bus Stop

Bus stop for local bus No 1.
Bus Station in Nánchāng

Qīngshān Bus Station

3km north of the city.
Bus in Nánchāng

Airport Bus

Airport bus.
Bus Stop in Nánchāng

Zhongshan Donglu Bus Stop

For Bus 212.
Bus Stop in Nánchāng

Bayi Guangchangbei Bus Stop

For Bus 2.