Jiangxi restaurants

Top Choice Asian in Nanchang

Kǎlúnbì Kāfēi

This modern cafe-restaurant, with a charming lakeside location inside Bāyī Park, does fresh coffee (¥40), Chinese tea (¥90) and imported beer (¥30) as well as good quality food. The steaks (¥100 to ¥200) are expensi…
Top Choice Chinese in Jingdezhen

Sānbǎo Shíguāng Jiǔbā

The Sānbǎo gallery's signature restaurant is perhaps the best in the city. A homely, artsy mood permeates the two floors of wooden furniture and fresh, simple chicken, pork and vegetable dishes. Cold beer flows (¥20…
Chinese in Jingdezhen


Located in the Ceramic Art Avenue, Hútáolǐ's menu spans a selection of regional Chinese dishes. Mains of note are the steamed chicken, sweet and sour ribs and the spicy fried vegetables. A good selection of wines, b…
French in Nanchang

Le Bistro 100

It's not totally French, but you're in the middle of China, so be grateful that you can vary your cuisine. Pull up a seat at this small restaurant and order beef, fish and chicken dishes of the utmost quality. The w…
Jiangxi in Sanqing Shan

Xīntíngjì Tǔcàiguǎn

The shiny photos match the delicious offerings at this quiet eatery near the Yùshān bus station. Specialities include jīnpái guōmèn tǔjī (金牌锅焖土鸡; free-range chicken casserole), xiǎochǎo huángniúròu (小炒黄牛肉; spicy bee…
Jiangxi in Nanchang

Cháimǐ Yóuyán

Dishes at this clean, comfortable restaurant include Jiāngxī specialities such as jiàng huáng niú ròu (酱黄牛肉; spicy stir-fried beef), lǎo huǒ mèn yā (老火焖鸭; duck stew), chì tāng guì yú 翅汤桂鱼; mandarin fish soup) and tà…
Chinese in Little Likeng

Guāngmíng Teahouse

The best restaurant in Little Lǐkēng is the charming Guāngmíng Teahouse. It acts as an informal thoroughfare to the best photo spot in the village, perched above the village stream. It's a lovely spot to try the loc…
Jiangxi in Jingdezhen

8 Dù Chúfáng

Popular modern restaurant serving Jiāngxī specialities such as niúqi chōngtiān (牛气冲天; spicy beef claypot), xiāngcūn lǎodòufu (乡村老豆腐; village-style tofu) and hóngshāo huángyātou (红烧黄丫头; braised river fish).
Chinese in Nanchang

Bōcài Yīnle Chúfáng

Who knew the green leafy vegetable could be so versatile? Don't worry, it's not all Popeye at 40 paces at this help-yourself eatery; pork appears regularly and the nonalcoholic juices and iced teas are delicious.
Chinese in Longhu Shan

Lónghǔ Shān Wanhao Restaurant

Basic, buffet-style restaurant near the entrance to the national park. If the food is looking decidedly oily on the day, try the one next door.