Jiangxi in Nanchang

Lao San Yang

Promising to 'keep the real taste of Old Nanchang', this wildly popular no-frills restaurant has a youthful vibe, a Communist Revolutionary theme and a menu full of spicy Jiangxi deliciousness. The house...

Bar in Nanchang

Helen's (Bayi Park)

Helen's large tables and booths fill with groups of young and well-heeled Chinese playing drinking games, smoking hookah pipes, dancing to hip-hop and house, and eating tasty snacks. It's dimly lit, very friendly...

Monument in Nanchang

Tengwang Pavilion

This nine-storey pagoda, now part of landscaped riverside grounds, is the city’s drawcard monument. It was first erected during Tang times, but destroyed and rebuilt no fewer than 29 times, most recently in 1989....

Jiangxi in Nanchang

Taste of Caimi

This clean, comfortable, air-con-cooled restaurant has large windows overlooking the street and a menu that includes Jiangxi specialities such as jiàng huáng niú ròu (酱黄牛肉, spicy stir-fried beef), lǎo huǒ mèn yā...

Chinese in Nanchang

Bǎi Cǎo Xiāng

If having to choose from long, impenetrable menus is starting to make your head spin, consider seeking out this tiny, modern place that offers just three versions of one simple, filling dish: a meat pot with...

Street Food in Nanchang

Shengjinta Jie Snack Street

This modern recreation of an old snack street may be contrived, but it certainly won't leave you hungry. Its pedestrianised strip is lined with restaurants and noodle joints and dotted with snack stalls selling...

Cafe in Nanchang

Rive Gauche Arts Cafe

This Parisian-themed bar-cafe on busy Minde Lu is remarkably cool for a second-tier Chinese city. The owner has sourced antiques and bric-a-brac from across Europe to create an intimate, kooky venture where you...

Park in Nanchang

Bayi Park

A focal point for locals, and one of the most pleasant spots in town, this lakeside park attracts groups of Chinese, young and old, walking, dancing, singing and laughing the night away. Best enjoyed just after...

Cafe in Nanchang


A trendy but chilled-out cafe serving drip coffee as well as espresso-machine brews. Also has a small selection of bottled craft beers. It's one of a handful of cutesy cafes along this quiet lakeside lane.

Historic Building in Nanchang

Shengjin Pagoda

This rebuilt, 58m-tall Tang-dynasty pagoda can't be climbed, but is attractive, and surrounded by other recently reconstructed features (an outdoor stage, a small garden, a huge bronze bell) to create a pleasant...

Buddhist Site in Nanchang

Youmin Temple

Once hidden down a knot of alleyways, this large still-active, yellow-walled temple is now the centrepiece of a newly landscaped area immediately north of Bayi Park. The temple was heavily damaged during the...

Dance in Nanchang

Tengwang Theatre

This small theatre within the grounds of Tengwang Pavilion puts on short but high-quality performances of traditional dance and music five times a day. An outdoor evening show (7.30pm, also ¥30) is put on in the...

Jiangxi in Nanchang

Pijiu Ya Banfen

This pint-sized, no-frills place has a bunch of noodle and rice offerings, but its signature dish, píjiǔ yā bànfěn (啤酒鸭拌粉, drunken duck noodles, ¥13), is a speciality of Nanchang.

Chinese in Nanchang


It's not all Popeye at 40 paces at this friendly, no-frills restaurant; there are plenty of other dishes besides, and some handy photos on the wall to aid ordering from the Chinese-only menu. Recommended dishes...