Sūzhōu City Moat Fitness Trail

Walking in Suzhou

Despite the rather grand name, the Sūzhōu City Moat Fitness Trail is essentially a lovely walking route running along the rectangular-shaped moat's 15km perimeter, skirting the edge of the de facto old town area. For pedestrians only, walking the trail is a chance to get off the city's busy main roads and into some of the charming riverside parks that run along almost the entirety of the moat.

Once one of Sūzhōu's main defensive features, the moat is now mostly used for sightseeing tours. En route, you'll pass parts of Sūzhōu's second ancient line of defence – its old city wall.

To walk the whole thing would take around four hours – there are plenty of toilets, water fountains and snack kiosks along the way. Metro lines 1 and 4 conveniently intersect the route at its rough geographical compass points, allowing you to walk smaller sections. A particularly pretty stretch runs from south of Nanmen metro station (line 4), west past Pan Gate Scenic Area before turning north and passing Xū Gate.