Top ChoiceChinese Opera in Nanjing

Lanyuan Theatre

Kūnqǔ, an extant form of Chinese opera originating from Jiangsu, is staged at this intimate theatre every Saturday evening at 7.15pm. The English subtitles retain the feeling and poetry of the original text,...

Live Performance in Suzhou

Pingtan Teahouse

Píngtán enthusiasts gather here to keep the traditions alive. The music usually starts at 8pm. Order some tea (unlimited serves ¥200), and pick songs (¥50 to ¥100, some lyrics have English translations) for the...

Performing Arts in Suzhou

Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre

On the banks of Jinji Lake is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. Shaped like a crescent moon and bearing a striking nest-like facade that changes colour at night, this multi-venue arts centre regularly...

Live Music in Suzhou

Garden of the Master of the Nets

From April to November, music performances are held nightly from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Performances move from room to room so you'll see a bit of the garden but wandering off is discouraged. Don’t expect anything too...

Chinese Opera in Suzhou

Kunqu Opera Museum

This place puts on performances of kūnqǔ (regional opera style) at 2pm on Sundays. Buy tickets by the theatre door on the day; arrive early as seats tend to fill up by 1.45pm. No English captions.

Performing Arts in Suzhou

Pingtan Museum

The Pingtan Museum puts on wonderful performances of píngtán, a singing and storytelling art form sung in the Suzhou dialect. Two-hour shows are at 1.30pm daily.

Chinese Opera in Zhouzhuang

Ancient Kunqu Stage

Holds open-air kūnqǔ performances every other day. The quality won't blow your socks off but the costumes are bright and the actors enthusiastic. Don't worry about arriving for the beginning of a show or staying...