Top ChoiceBuddhist Temple in Nanjing

Linggu Temple Scenic Area

Linggu Temple Scenic Area

This expansive temple complex contains one of the most historic buildings in Nanjing – the Beamless Hall (无梁殿, Wúliáng Diàn), built in 1381 entirely out of brick and stone and containing no beam supports....

Top ChoiceMemorial in Nanjing

Sun Yatsen Mausoleum

Sun Yatsen Mausoleum

An astonishing sight at the top of an enormous stone stairway (a breathless 392 steps), Sun Yatsen's tomb is a mandatory stop for most visitors. Reverentially referred to as guófù (国父, Father of the Nation), Dr...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Nanjing

Nanjing Museum

Nanjing Museum

This fabulous museum has three dramatically modern exhibition blocks alongside a traditional, temple-style hall. Exhibits range from 20th-century brush-and-ink paintings to ancient calligraphy (including sutra...

Top ChoiceStreet in Suzhou

Pingjiang Lu

On the eastern side of the city, this canalside road has whitewashed local houses sitting comfortably side by side with teahouses and trendy cafes selling overpriced beverages. Duck down some of the side streets...

Top ChoiceLandmark in Suzhou

Pan Gate Scenic Area

This quiet part of Suzhou is lovely, with a section of the city wall straddling the outer moat in the southwest corner of the city. Dating from 1355, the gate backs onto a delightful scenic area, dotted with old...

Top ChoiceBuddhist Temple in Nanjing

Qixia Temple

This sacred site on Qixia Mountain (栖霞山, Qīxiá Shān), 22km northeast of Nanjing, was founded by the Buddhist monk Ming Sengshao during the Southern Qi dynasty, and remains an active place of worship. Long one of...

Top ChoiceTomb in Nanjing

Ming Xiaoling Tomb

Ming Xiaoling Tomb

Zhu Yuanzhang (1328–1398), the founding emperor of the Ming dynasty (also known as the Hongwu Emperor), was buried in the tomb of Ming Xiaoling; he was the only Ming emperor buried outside Beijing. The area...

Top ChoicePark in Suzhou

Tiger Hill

In the far northwest of town, Tiger Hill is a major drawcard for Chinese tourists, and the beacon that draws them is the leaning Cloud Rock Pagoda (云岩塔, Yúnyán Tǎ) atop the hill. The octagonal seven-storey pagoda...

Top ChoiceMemorial in Nanjing

Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre

In the city’s southwestern suburbs, the disturbing exhibits in the Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre document the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers against the civilian population during the...

Top ChoiceGardens in Suzhou

Garden of the Master of the Nets

Off Shiquan Jie, this pocket-sized garden is considered one of Suzhou's best preserved. Laid out in the 12th century, it went to seed and was later restored in the 18th century as part of the home of a retired...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Suzhou

Suzhou Museum

This stunning museum, one of only two in mainland China designed by IM Pei, is a modern interpretation of Suzhou architecture, with its confluence of water, courtyards and a distinctive grey-and-white motif....

Top ChoiceGardens in Suzhou

Humble Administrator’s Garden

The largest of Suzhou's gardens, the Humble Administrator’s Garden is often considered to be the most impressive, but its fame draws in constant crowds, which are part of the experience. First built in 1509, this...

Top ChoiceGardens in Nanjing

Zhan Garden

If you don't have time to get to Suzhou, visit this delightful Ming-dynasty garden complex that once housed Taiping officials. The on-site Taiping History Museum is included with your ticket, but it's the garden...

Top ChoiceTomb in Nanjing

Ming Xiaoling Scenic Area

This scenic area on Zijin Mountain has loads of opportunities for rambling, but the main attraction is Ming Xiaoling Tomb, the magnificent mausoleum of Zhu Yuanzhang (1328–1398), the founding emperor of the Ming...

Village in Tongli

Tónglǐ Old Town

This lovely old town, only 18km southeast of Sūzhōu, boasts a rich, historical canalside atmosphere and weather-beaten charm. Many of the buildings have kept their traditional facades, with stark whitewashed...

Gardens in Suzhou

Garden of Cultivation

This small but perfectly formed garden is often overlooked by visitors who are drawn to Suzhou's larger and more famous gardens. Its simple layout makes use of rockeries, water features and covered corridors,...

Historic Building in Zhouzhuang

Shen’s House

Near Fu’an Bridge, this residence of the Shen clan is a lavish piece of Qing-style architecture boasting three halls and more than 100 rooms. The first section (in front of the ticketed area) is particularly...

Monument in Nanjing

Zhōngyāng Gate

One of the original 13 Ming city gates, located in the north of town. The name means 'Central Gate'.

Street in Suzhou

Shantang Jie

This picturesque canalside street has been in use for more than a thousand years, having been built in the Tang dynasty (around 825–826) to transport Suzhou’s upper classes to Tiger Hill for leisurely outings....

Historic Building in Nanjing

Meiling Palace

Named by Life magazine in 1937 as 'the most powerful woman in the world', Song Meiling (aka 'Madame Chiang') was the First Lady of the Republic of China (1948–1975). An accomplished politician and painter,...