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Getting There & Away

The main routes to Jí’ān (not to be confused with the identically pronounced 吉安 in distant Jiāngxī province) are via Tōnghuà and Báihé (the gateway to Chángbái Shān) to the north, and Shěnyáng and Dāndōng in Liáoníng province to the west and south. If you’re travelling to Báihé by bus, you need to change in Tōnghuà. Trains are less useful as there's only one per day to Tōnghuà (¥8.50, three hours) at 11am.

Shengli Lu runs east–west through town, with the long-distance bus station at the west end. The train station is 2.9km east, where Shengli Lu changes name to Yanjiang Lu.

Bus services include the following destinations:

Chángchūn ¥140, 5½ hours, three daily (5.30am, 6.25am and 2.50pm)

Dāndōng ¥95 to ¥104, six hours, two daily (7.30am and 9.20am)

Èrdào Báihé (via Tōnghuà) ¥98, six hours, 7.30am and 1.35pm

Shěnyáng ¥96 to ¥125, six hours, three daily (6.20am, 11.20am and 2.55pm)

Tōnghuà ¥35, two hours, hourly (5am to 5pm)