Tickets in Far West Inner Mongolia

Badanjilin Travel Service

Badanjilin Travel Service, in Ālāshàn Yòuqí, organises camel treks (from ¥120 per hour) and short tours with English-speaking guides (from ¥1000). Jeep trips into the desert cost in excess of ¥2000, and more in the …
Airport in Mănzhōulǐ

Mǎnzhōulǐ Xijiāo Airport

Around 9km west of Mǎnzhōulǐ, this airport has daily flights to Běijīng (¥1150, 2¼ hours), five flights a week to Harbin (¥1150 1½ hours), and in summer, daily to Hohhot (¥1150, 2½ hours). Hunnu Air (…
Airline in Hăilā'ěr

Hunnu Air

This Mongolian airline flies to Ulaanbaatar (from ¥900) in Mongolia every Thursday and Sunday. Book tickets online.
Airport in Far West Inner Mongolia

Alxa Right Banner Badanjilin Airport

The smallest of the three Alxa League airports in the west Inner Mongolia region.
Bus in Hohhot

Bus Station

Airport in Far West Inner Mongolia

Ejin Banner Taolai Airport

Bus in Hohhot

Airport Bus