Top things to do in Inner Mongolia

Top Choice Monastery in Hohhot

Dà Zhào

This spectacular Tibetan Buddhist temple is the oldest and largest temple in the city. Also called 'Immeasurable Temple' (无量寺; Wúliàng Sì) in Chinese, the complex was originally built in the 16th century and much en…
Top Choice Mongolian in Hohhot


Overlooked by a portrait of Genghis Khan, diners love this colourful, fun and vibrant upstairs restaurant that does a roaring trade. There's a huge variety of Mongolian specialities to choose from, including sweet c…
Top Choice Pagoda in Hohhot

Wǔtǎ Pagoda

Rising up at the rear of the Five Pagoda Temple, this striking, Indian-influenced, five-tiered pagoda was completed in 1732. Its main claim to fame is the Mongolian star chart around the back (protected behind glass…
Top Choice Museum in Bayanhot

Alashan Museum

This stunning museum, rehoused in 2011, affords a fascinating insight into Alashan and Mongolian culture. English captions are sporadic, which is a shame, but there's a wealth of objects to explore. The Dinosaur gal…
Top Choice Historic Building in Bayanhot

Qīnwáng Fǔ

This fabulous courtyard palace is the former home of the local prince, the Alashan Qin Wang. A well-restored, Qing-era complex of buildings and courtyards, the palace has photos of the last prince (1903–68) and his …
Top Choice International in Hohhot

Nana's Cafe

Head through a blue wooden door up to the second level for this cute cafe serving pasta, salad, dumplings and a range of Western dishes. Pair your meal with coffee (big mugs), beer or salty Mongolian milk tea. The c…
Top Choice Noodles in Hohhot

Xiānbáichéng Gǔtāng Hélè Miàn

This place does huge, filling and scrumptious bowls of delicious and appetising buckwheat noodles, with large chunks of beef or pork and free cold Chinese vegetable dishes by the counter. There's also cheap beer.
Desert in Far West Inner Mongolia

Badain Jaran Desert

The remote but stunning Badain Jaran Desert is a mysterious 49,000-sq-km landscape of desert lakes, Buddhist temples and towering dunes. The dunes here are among the tallest in the world, some topping 460m (taller t…
Historic Site in Far West Inner Mongolia

Khara Khoto

This ruined Tangut city was built in 1032 and captured by Genghis Khan in 1226 (his last great battle). Khara Khoto continued to thrive under Mongol occupation, but in 1372 an upstart Ming battalion starved the city…
Area in Inner Mongolia


Anyone travelling between Bāotóu and Dōngshèng or the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan can consider dropping by Ordos, China’s most famous ‘Ghost Town’. No, it’s not populated by poltergeists or wailing ghouls, indeed some…